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BCHR Board of Directors

While we recognize the importance of listing the names of our officers and board of directors in order to establish the BCHR's credibility, we are currently unable to do so as it may threaten their personal wellbeing.

On September 24, 2004, BCHR president Abdulhadi Alkhawaja gave a lecture at a public symposium about poverty in Bahrain, in which he criticized the Prime Minister of Bahrain. In the following days Abdulhadi was arrested by the police, and the BCHR ordered to close down by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. (For further details, click here).

Despite the official ban, the BCHR has continued its human rights activities. The government has issued numerous threats warning that further legal action will be taken against the members should they continue their activities. According to the 'Societies Law' (widely criticized by human rights organizations), members of civil societies unrecognized by the Ministry of Social Affairs can be sentenced for up to 6 months in prison and/or fined up to BD500. (See BCHR Communique, 26 March 2006).

For this reason we have chosen not to publicize the names of all our members at this point of time. We hope you understand our concerns in this regard.