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Freedom of expression

9 Aug, 2006

Letter to Google

Mr. Erik Schmidt President of Executive Committee and Chief of Administrative Executives in Google Company The ministry of Publications in the kingdom of Bahrain attempted...

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9 Aug, 2006

Batelco silent on website clamp

By TARIQ KHONJI Published: 9 August 2006 Gulf Daily news BATELCO yesterday refused to confirm or deny whether it had blocked or was going to block the free Google Earth...

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8 Aug, 2006

New website for banned rights group

Gulf Daily News - 8 August 2006 A BANNED Bahraini human rights group has launched its English-language website as an online resource for "people interested in human rights in...

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6 Aug, 2006

World Press Freedom Review:Bahrain -2005 World Press Freedom Review-

World Press Freedom Review 2005 Bahrain 2005 World Press Freedom Review http://www.freemedia.at/cms/ipi/freedom_detail.html?country=/KW0001/KW0004/KW0089/ Campaigns for...

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1 Aug, 2006

Freedom House: Countries at the Crossroads 2006 - Bahrain report

Country Report - Bahrain http://www.freedomhouse.org/template.cfm?page=140...

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20 Jul, 2006

Bahrain king ratifies controversial protests law

AFP - 20 July 2006 King Hamad bin Issa al-Khalifa ratified a controversial law on public assembly that restricts the right to meet and lays down prison terms for unauthorised...

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15 Jun, 2006

Joint Letter by Amnesty International and ARTICLE 19 Regarding Public Gathering Law

Open Letter AI Index: MDE 11/001/2006 (Public) News Service No: 153 15 June 2006 Bahrain: Open Letter to the Shura Council Dr Faisal Radhi Almousawi Chairman of the...

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12 Jun, 2006

Bahraini House of Representatives Legislates Banning Defence of Detainees

The Bahrain Center for Human Rights Press Communiqué Within the “Reform Project” and among set of legislations violating human rights: The Bahraini House of...

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8 Jun, 2006

Bahrain: King Should Reject Law on Public Gatherings

Government Must Revise Draft Law That Undermines Freedom of Assembly Human Rights Watch - 8 June 2006 (Washington, D.C., June 8, 2006) – The Bahraini government’s draft...

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3 Jun, 2006

A Petition by Bahraini Civic Societies to the UN Human Rights Council

Manama 3 June 2006 We, the undersigned Bahraini civic organizations, propose to your honorable council to look in the human rights record for the Kingdom of Bahrain since it'...

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