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Unfair Trials

Hakeem Al Oraibi
11 Jan, 2014

Bahrain sentences football player to 10 years in jail

AP - Published by Gulf News: 10:17 January 8, 2014 Lawyer says Al Oraibi was playing in a televised match when the November 2012 incident took place. Manama: The...

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9 Jan, 2014

Bahrain: Court Acquits Abusive Policeman; Punishes Victim With Detention

The Bahrain Center for Human Rights is appalled by the blatant disregard to justice by the Bahrain Judiciary that acquitted an abusive policeman despite the presence of videotaped...

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30 Dec, 2013

Bahrain: Urgent Appeal: Fear of Torture During First Days Of Arrest; No Access To Fair Trial

The Bahrain Center for Human Rights issues an urgent appeal regarding the individuals who have been arrested in four cases recently announced by the Ministry of Interior. As has...

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25 Dec, 2013

Bahrain: Detainee Muneer Habib Thrown Out of Court after Testifying against the Public Prosecutor who Tortured him and Forced him to Confess

The Bahrain Center for Human Rights expresses its concern for the Public Prosecution and Court in Bahrain continued fabrication of malicious cases and mock trials that lack the...

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23 Dec, 2013

Bahrain: One Year Imprisonment For A Doctor For “Insulting The King”

The Bahrain Center for Human Rights expresses its concern over the authorities attack on freedom of expression. Dr. Saeed Al-Samahiji was recently tried and sentenced on the...

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18 Nov, 2013

Bahrain: Following Their Reported Torture, Two Are Sentenced To Life And Two Others To Fifteen Years In Court Malicious Case

Lawyers and Activists: Impossible That A Bomb Caused Explosion Of A Car, But Did Not Harm A Nearby Tree   The Bahrain Center for Human Rights expresses its...

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11 Oct, 2013

Amnesty Int'l: Bahrain: 15 years' imprisonment for opposition activist: Naji Fateel

URGENT ACTION Bahraini human rights activist Naji Fateel was sentenced to 15 years’ imprisonment on 29 September on charges related to his involvement in the opposition youth...

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7 Oct, 2013

CPJ: Who Shot Ahmed?

On the night he was shot, Ahmed Ismail Hassan al Samadi was working. Protestors had gathered along a highway near his home in a small Bahraini village. With his handheld...

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4 Oct, 2013

Amnesty Int'l: Bahrain: 50 Shi’a activists sentenced amid torture allegations

Allegations the Bahraini authorities used electric shocks and other torture methods to extract confessions from members of a group of 50 Shi’a activists are just one factor...

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28 Sep, 2013

Amnesty Int'l: US national gets 10 years after unfair trial

UA: 264/13 Index: MDE 11/044/2013 Bahrain Date: 25 September 2013 URGENT ACTION us national gets 10 years after unfair trial Taqi ‘Abdallah al-Maydan, a 25 year-old...

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