Published: 2nd February 2008

GDN journalist Mandeep Singh was forcibly detained for more than an hour by security staff at Salmaniya Medical Complex (SMC), where he was reporting on the dhow rescue yesterday.

He was bustled into the security room and when he tried to leave, several security staff repeatedly blocked the door, though they did not lock it.

They were acting on orders from SMC administrator support services Ahmed Al Aam, who objected to Mr Singh's presence in the hospital, despite permission being given by medical staff and by one of the rescued men, who agreed to have his picture taken.

Mr Al Aam told security staff to detain Mr Singh and to call police from the Hoora station, but it is understood they told SMC officials it was not a matter for police and Mr Singh was allowed to leave.

He later complained in person to Health Minister Dr Faisal Al Hamer as he arrived at the SMC.

Dr Al Hamer said he would investigate, but that the main priority was patient care and safety.


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