By mohammed aslam Published: 2nd February 2008

A MAN who sexually abused a 13-year-old Bahraini girl has had his three-year jail sentence cut to one.

His lawyer submitted a letter from the girl's father to the Supreme Criminal Appeal Court, in which he said he was withdrawing the complaint.

The court accepted the 21-year-old Bahraini's appeal and reduced his jail sentence, imposed by the High Criminal Court last October.

His victim was the girlfriend of his 18-year-old brother and he dragged her into a car and sped off with her as she waited for the brother, last May, the court heard.

The brother saw him and ran after the car, trying in vain to stop him, then gave chase in his own car.

He caught up with them in an isolated area of Sitra, but by then his brother had stripped the girl naked on the back seat and forcibly sexually assaulted her, the court heard.

The girl told police she was out for a car ride with her boyfriend when he stopped at his brother's workplace, to do some work of his own.


"As I was waiting for my boyfriend, suddenly the defendant arrived and dragged me into his car and sped away," she said.

"I was taken by surprise and could not do anything because I was too scared.

"The defendant took me to an isolated place in Sitra, stopped his car, removed my clothes and sexually abused me forcibly on the back seat, after he locked the doors."

She said the defendant let her out of the car and fled when her boyfriend arrived and shouted at him.

The brother told how he saw the defendant drag the girl into the car and speed off.

"I ran after him shouting but he kept going," he said.

"I got into my car and followed him. Finally I located the car in an isolated place in Sitra.

"As I went near the car I saw my girlfriend lying naked on the back seat with my brother on top of her.

"I shouted at him and knocked on the windows of the car and then he opened the doors.

"I pulled her out of the car and told her to put on her clothes and shouted at my brother, who then drove away."


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