The Bahrain Centre for Human Rights (BCHR) – 12 February 2008

Three detainees held in the Criminal Investigation Bureau told family members who visited them yesterday that they had been subjected to beating on February 10, as a punishment for protesting against ill-treatment and prison conditions. These detainees were

Mohammed Abdullah Al Sengais, Aged 40, the head of the Committee to Combat High Prices Naji Ali Hassan Fateel, aged 31, member of the Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights (BYSHR) Hassan Abdulnabi Hassan, aged 26, member of the Unemployment Committee The BCHR has no recent reports from Ahmad Jaffar Mohammed Ali, aged 28 who is the fourth detainee at the same detention centre.

The Bahrain Centre for Human rights was informed by Family members of Mohamed Alsingace, that they met him yesterday at 12:30pm local time. They reported that signs of fresh scars were visible on his head. He told his family (Mother, wife and two sisters) that on February 10, he was handcuffed form the back and dragged outside of his cell and was beaten using a metallic piece in the yard by a two security men called Moftah (a Bahraini) and Parvis (a non-Bahraini) in front of Sergrent Adnan Bahar. The more he screamed he was beaten more and verbally insulted. The two police figures further molested him sexually in front of Sergent Bahar.

Prior to this event, Mohamed Al-Singace was complaining of severe headache. The physician of the military hospital recommended that Mohamed is to be taken to psychiatric hospital for treatment. An appointment was set for the psychiatrist on 24th February, but later postponed to 28th because of the adjourned court session. Physically, he is suffering from backache due to earlier beating by the security members. Last Thursday, he was taken to Bahrain Defence Force Hospital for treatment. He had been kept hand-cuffed and left incommunicado in a dark filthy 1x2 meter room.

Both Naji Fateel and Hassan Abdelnabi told visiting family members yesterday that they were subjected to beating when they protested against what happened to Mohamed Al-Singace demanding that he should be transferred to the hospital.

On the other hand, Naji Al Fateel said that his suffering of ill-treatment had increased as he had been placed with arrestees charged with criminal offences who are infected with communicable diseases such as hepatitis. According to Mr. Fateel, the administration of the detention centre took that measure as a reaction against the detainees who complained to the judge at the court session on February 3, that they are in solitary cell.

Hassan Abdelnabi, told family members that he has been under pressure and threats of sexual abuse in order to use his wife as source of information about plans and future activities of the Detainees’ Committee in which his wife is involved.

Furthermore, the BCHR has been informed about sexual abuse against two more of the detainees namely Mahmood Hassan Saleh and Mohemmed Makki Ahmed. Both detainees are held in Dry-Dock detention centre together with Maytham Bader Jassim Al-Sheikh who had been subjected to sexual abuse according to earlier reports.

The Bahrain Centre for Human Rights (BCHR) urges all concerned to do what ever possible to secure the rights and safety of the aforementioned detainees.