Jaw has top quarantine facilities By MOHAMMED AL A'ALI Published: 26th February 2008

OUT of 752 inmates in Bahrain's main prison in Jaw, 120 are quarantined from others as they are suffering from contagious and serious diseases, it was revealed yesterday.

They include 11 Aids cases, eight of them also suffering from hepatitis, six hepatitis B and C, seven hepatitis B and 96 from hepatitis C.

"We have 115 female prisoners in our correction facility in Isa Town, out of whom five have contagious and serious illnesses," Interior Minister Shaikh Rashid bin Khalid Al Khalifa told the Shura Council yesterday.

"One has Aids, three have hepatitis B and one has syphilis."

He said that these prisoners were serving sentences related to drugs, prostitution and other related cases.

Shaikh Rashid was responding to a question by councillor Rabbab Al Arrayedh on the number of prisoners with contagious diseases in Bahrain's prisons, how they are dealt with and the precautionary measures taken to ensure that others are not harmed.

The minister said that all prisoners undergo extensive medical tests before entering a correctional facility.

"The prisoners are divided according to the results of their medical examination, to ensure that they receive the necessary follow-up.

He said that all ill prisoners have separate compartments and toilets.

"Those who we discover contract diseases during their stay in prison are being informed about it and made aware of their diseases," said Shaikh Rashid.

"Prisoners have the right to ask for medical check-up round-the-clock, if they suspect something.

"We don't just depend on the correctional facilities for medical care, and this is why we send a number of prisoners to the ministry's medical facilities at the Salmaniya Medical Complex or the BDF Hospital, in cases we can't cope with in prison."

Shaikh Rashid said that all prisoners receive immunisation to protect them from contagious diseases.


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