Friday March 14 2008 00:00 IST PTI

DUBAI: A Five-day strike by over 1,300 workers, including Indians, ended after their employers accepted their demand for an increase in salary.

Labour ministry Under-secretary Shaikh Abdulrahman bin Abdulla al Khalifa, who chairs a new government committee charged with mediating disputes resulting in labour strikes, said that all parties had reached an agreement on Wednesday.

“The labour ministry took the role of the mediator between the strikers and the company management in its effort to promote dialogue to resolve such disputes,” he said.

General federation for Bahrain trade unions member Sayyed Salman al Mahfouz said the expatriate workers’ basic salary will be increased to USD 186. “Expatriate workers who received a monthly salary of more than USD 186 will get a raise of USD 13,” he said.

The strike, which began on Saturday at the Haji Hassan al a’li group of companies, ended after the intervention of the Labour ministry.

Expatriates, who do unskilled and semi-skilled jobs, receive a basic salary ranging from USD 132 to USD 186.

The Bahraini staff, working as drivers and salesmen, receive USD 530 and other allowances.