Today ( 28 April , 2011 ) , Bahrain T.V showed the “confessions” of the accused who killed two police men and who were sentenced today ( 4 death penalties and 3 life sentences). One of the those, the first to be shown making a confession, is Mr. Ali Isa Saqer, who had died in custody on the 9th of April, 2011. (attached a video of the confessions as shown on Bahrain T.V. with his photo). The Ministry of Interior had alleged that Mr. Saqer had died after resisting security officials while in detention but the Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights(BYSHR) had viewed photos that show clear marks on his back, stomach and other parts of his body that seem to be signs of mistreatment. (Attached) A representative of Human Rights watch had attended the funeral and seen the body and confirmed this information (link of report). Human Rights Watch had asked for an investigation into his death. Until date the BYSHR has not learn that any such investigation has taken place.

The Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights(BYSHR) is concerned after viewing the “confessions” on television that the other defendants may have been subjected to mistreatment, it finds it disturbing that such confessions were televised after these defendants were denied due process and basic rights such as the right to a fair trial. The defendants had denied all allegations during the trial and this makes the confessions questionable. Furthermore, the BYSHR also strongly condemns the use of the death penalty.

Video: ( see the 6:04 min.)

Ref: Statement of the BYSHR on Ali Saqer

Ref: Statement of the HRW on Ali Saqer