31 August 2011

Today we received news of the death of 14 year old Ali Jawad from Sitra. Ali Jawad was shot straight in the head with a tear gas canister during the Eid protests, which led to his death. According to those who took him to the hospital, those working at the hospital refused to treat the boy. He was announced dead at 9:37am (Bahrain time). This is a picture of Ali: (Graphic) and the place where he he was shot as well as the canister which caused his death. We have time and time again warned that there will continue to be an increase in the number of deaths because of the use of excessive force against protesters, as well as the abuse of weapons carried by the security forces.

These protests, and the ones from the night before it (when a man got shot in the stomach Graphic amongst other injuries), came largely as a response to a speech made by the King, (Map showing some of the areas that witnessed protests) announcing amongst other things the return of sacked workers to their jobs, the need for unity, and that he "forgives" those who insulted him. Since then, a large number of sacked workers attempted to go back to work, but were prevented from entering the buildings by security forces, more teachers got suspended the next morning and unfortunately the charge of "inciting to hatred against the regime" is still upheld.

A 40 year old man was beaten in front of his 9 years old son two days ago by the security forces when they had gone out to buy bread: . Young man who was shot with the bird shotgun: (graphic) .

We are receiving many complaints that the teargas being used now produces a black smoke rather than white, and is a lot stronger than the one security forces used to use. The burning feeling in the chest is sharper, and the skin feels like it is burning (as described by protesters).

Brazilian teargas being used in Bahrain now: Photo1, Photo2

In other news, most families who had appointments to meet their detained loved ones today received a phone call cancelling all visits which had been promised without any explanation. This comes with the news that a number of detainees held at the Dry Docks prison have started a hunger strike in objection to their detention and ill treatment.

Letter from detained Dr.Ghassan Dhaif's wife: (as received)

"Dr.Ghassan Dhaif wife Letter to all

The situation of detained doctors is very critical.the military courts are back and doctors are still facing serious charges infront of military court despite the royal decree no 62 which diverted all military courts to civil courts. The health condition of the doctors inside jail is very bad.my husband Dr Ghassan Dhaif is having severe depression,suicidal thoughts,on several antidepressants,now on hunger strike so he is not taking his medications.dr Basim Dhaif is having compartmental syndrome from torture and may be having DVT (deep venous thrombosis).nurse ebrahim demestani is having fracture coccycs(lower back bone)he is in severe pain.dr samaheeji was diagnosed with cerebral aneurysm.dr tooblani is having severe depression.dr deewani is having uncontrolled diabetes. All are on hunger strike and we ask the medical organizations to interfere immediately to release them and save them .

Thanks for your support Dr.Ghasan Dhaif Wife 30 August 2011"

The situation in Bahrain is further deteriorating and there is dire need for urgent responses to preserve human rights.

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