April 8th, 2013

The Bahrain Center for Human Rights, with the help of a medical consultant, gathered information and cases about the situation of medical services in Bahrain and the limited access to medical care. The report covered the following aspects of the medical situation in Bahrain: 1. The updated situation of the medics case 2. The role of the Bahrain Medical Society 3. The militarization of the hospitals 4. Medical access for people injured by security forces 5. Medical access for political prisoners 6. Conclusion 7. Recommendations
Link to the full report.
In this report, we found evidence of continuous violations committed by the Government of Bahrain that included the breach of the Geneva Convention and the breach of medical neutrality. The evidence also concludes that the medical services have been militarized and are used as a tool to target civilians. Changes in the health policies have been politicized to serve a political agenda. Recommendations have been made at the end of the report which are crucial to reforming the current situation of medical services in Bahrain.