“Bahrain should immediately release and drop all charges against Nabeel Rajab and four of his  Bahrain Center for Human Rights colleagues”, said BCHR today. The Bahraini Government should not use its overbroad terrorism law to punish peaceful activists. 

Yesterday, Bahrain brought new charges against Nabeel Rajab, BCHR President and prominent activist. Rajab who has been in jail since June 2016 is being charged for tweets and instagram posts published at the beginning of this year when he was already in prison. 

Four Human Rights Activists working for BCHR have been also summoned by the  Anti-terrorism prosecution this September for interrogation. Ahmed al Saffar and Husain Radhi were subpoenaed to appear on 14 September, Enas Oun on the 17th and Nedal Al Salman today, Tuesday 19 September. All four members are being charged by the public prosecution for illegal gatherings under the new anti-terrorism law, and all have been placed on a travel ban. This shows a new pattern of abuses towards BCHR staff and fits in a wider pattern of systematic censorship and repression against journalists, media activists and HRDs.  BCHR believe that the new Anto-terrorism law has been designed specifically to target human rights activists for their legitimate work.