Bahrain: Justice fails Nabeel Rajab at appeal 
22 November 2017: Today’s appeals court ruling upholding a decision to enforce a 2 year sentence for Nabeel Rajab is yet another injustice in a long procedure against him, BCHR said today.
The appeals Court upheld a July decision to sentence Nabeel Rajab for giving televised interviews in which he addressed Bahrain’s poor human rights record. 
The trial was deeply flawed : Nabeel Rajab was sentenced in absentia on charges of “deliberately spreading  false information and malicious rumours with the aim of discrediting the State” (art 134 of Penal Code) 
and evidences provided by Nabeel Rajab’s defense were rejected. Nabeel Rajab remained in detention while he awaited appeal and he is now facing additional charges, including charges related to the “twitter” case where he is facing more than 15 years for tweeting against the Yemen war and about detention conditions in Jau prison.