The Bahrain Center for Human Rights organized a press conference on the occasion of the "International Day Against the Death Penalty" with the participation of Maharat Foundation. The conference, which was held on 10 October, focused on the death penalty in Bahraini laws and legislation and the judicial rulings in civil and military cases.

The speakers at the conference aimed to demonstrate Bahrain's violation of human rights through this punishment. Bahraini laws contain more than 83 articles. The legal adviser to the Bahrain Center for Human Rights, Ibrahim Serhan, said that "the number of people sentenced to death is 22, four of whom are sentenced to a final sentence, and four others have been commuted to life”. Serhan add that the treatment of prison guards is very poor and does not amount to international laws that respect human rights. After the amendment of Article 105 of the Constitution in 2017, the Military Justice Act was amended, which made the jurisdiction of the military courts to impose sanctions on civilians, which led to an increase in the death penalty in Bahrain," said Hussein al-Sharif, a representative of Maharat.

The speakers also urged the Government of Bahrain to refrain from implementing such punishment, even if stipulated by the laws, in the same manner as the States that follow this method.