Wanted for Justice in Bahrain

“It is about time we put a face to the violations. Continuously referring to the perpetrators of widespread human rights violations from the 1990’s until now as the “Government of Bahrain” or the “regime” allows the individuals involved to continue living and traveling freely. Let their faces be known, not only in Bahrain, but internationally. All the names included in our list are people who should be given a fair trial according to international standards, and if found guilty, should be held accountable. We also hope that this campaign will help encourage international actors to stop doing business with these individuals, and start thinking about individual sanctions.”

- Maryam Al-Khawaja, The Acting President of BCHR


Every day from 1 November until the International Day to End Impunity on 23 November, several cards will be released on this page under the banner “Wanted for Justice in Bahrain". 

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